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World Animal Protection

We don't have to tell you that children love animals! By hosting a classroom challenge fundraiser for World Animal Protection, you'll teach your students empathy, enhance their critical thinking skills, and empower them to make changes in society. 

Fundraisers can be as diverse as read-a-thons (kids ask parents and neighbors to pledge donations for each animal-related book they read), popcorn sales at school events, bottle/can drives, or even creating cookbooks using students' favorite home recipes and then selling the books at PTA meetings. You can even challenge other classes in your school to do the same thing to see who can raise the most funds.

These are just a few ideas; don't forget to harness your class' creativity by having students brainstorm ideas together. And if you wish, we can provide basic materials for your students to help get the ball rolling.

Empathy, empowerment, and critical thinking - what could be a better lesson for your class? Get started today!

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Classroom Challengers

Meet some of the classes that are making a difference for animals!

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